About This Project

Manchester-based IT specialists Greystone Consulting have been so focused on keeping their software and services at the cutting edge that they'd neglected to update their website in some time. So when the time finally came to revitalise their online presence, they turned to FirstFound.

Greystone wanted to give their website a complete facelift, the brief was to build a new homepage incorporating a navigation tool directing users to Greystone’s four main areas of business.  The new design was to be concise and professional and a lot more SEO friendly.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

Client Feedback

"We've worked with FirstFound for years now, and their web designers have been offering to re-do our site for some time. So when the time came for us to revamp our website after several years, they were our first choice."

"The website FirstFound designed and built for us met all of our requirements. More content, better navigation, and a structure that the search engines had no trouble getting to grips with. When I received the first copy of their design, I knew we'd chosen our web designers wisely."